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Manchester United ‘not planning’ to ask star players to take pay cuts

Manchester United players not taking pay cuts

(Photo by Charlotte Tattersall/Getty Images)


Manchester United are reportedly are set to lose at least £20million from matchday income, as the remaining fixtures look likely to be played behind closed doors.

The club are said to be confident they can absorb the financial losses for the time being due to their lucrative sponsorship deals across the globe and The Sun report that United will not ask their players to take a cut in pay or to defer their wages for the time being.

If the stoppage continues, the decision might be changed, but a source told the paper: “The reality is that no one can predict what this will look like if nobody kicks a ball in six months.”

One suggestion to start league play that is picking up momentum is to complete the season in June and July with players going into World Cup-style camps.

Under this idea, players would go back into training next month with games then being played behind closed doors, but multiple matches being shown on television every day.

Earlier this month, Manchester United was the first of the Premier League clubs to take voluntary pay cuts and that money was then donated to local area hospitals fighting the virus.