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Ighalo’s Heartfelt Goal Tribute To His Sister

Touching tribute to his sister

Striker Odion Ighalo makes no qualms about telling people that joining United was a dream come true, a dream he had since he was a child. Unfortunately, one of his biggest fans isn’t there to celebrate with him, his sister Mary.

Ighalo’s sister, married Mary Atole, collapsed at her home in Canada on the morning of December 12, just as she was getting her children ready for school. Speaking on the tragic death of his sister, Ighalo said, “She is a Man United fan. We prayed for this moment to play for United.

“Unfortunately, she is not here to see me doing that. I promised I would dedicate every goal I scored.”, and that he did during United 5-0 win over Club Brugge on Thursday.  (Source: The Sun)

Immediately after Ighalo snuck the ball past Brugge keeper Simon Mignolet, he raced to the sidelines and pulled up his jersey to reveal a t-shirt with a portrait of his sister Mary on it with the date of 12-12-2019 underneath it, followed by a point to the sky.

Tribute to his sister

Speaking more about missing his sister, “I feel very emotional because it has not really struck me that my sister is gone forever and I am never going to see her again.

“Sometimes when I am alone and I just remember her, I have one sharp pain in my heart.

“My twin sister, Akhere, will call me, crying, saying she misses her and, sometimes when I am alone, I cry too.

“It is a very painful loss but I am trying to be strong as a man.” (The Sun)

Last night’s goal and every goal in the future will be steered by custom shoes Ighalo wears, inscribed with his sister’s name on them. With the possible news of Anthony Martial out with a groin injury, Ighalo might have a chance to add to his goal tally on Sunday when United play Everton.

Special Nike shoes dedicated to Mary